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Paddock to Plate

At Kulnura Village, we take every measure to ensure that authenticity and integrity are at the forefront of our brand. Kulnura Village has a genuine paddock-to-plate philosophy at its core, and the Kulnura Village Farm is an authentic expression of our commitment to creating the ultimate paddock-to-plate experience. Surrounded by thousands of acres of pristine national park, the Kulnura Village Farm is a 50-hectare property, located in Kulnura on the Central Coast highlands, near Peats Ridge.

About Kulnura Village

Kulnura’s name is an Aboriginal word meaning, “in sight of the sea”. Kulnura is home to Mangrove Creek Dam, the biggest catchment area on the Central Coast, and recognised as one of the highest quality sources of spring water in the country. Much of the produce used in the Bel & Brio kitchens is sourced directly from our paddock, including our premium quality, pasture-raised eggs, which are far superior to conventional eggs, and quickly becoming the new gold standard.